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The Basics

But Dr. Therefore, before talking about blood group differentiation, the physician provides general principles suitable for everyone. First of all, it is advisable to consume very little dairy products, which are responsible for joint pain, and small amounts of gluten, which is very present in the Mediterranean diet but causes intestinal inflammation.

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Instead, a glass of lukewarm water and lemon in the morning is suitable for everyone, because citrates help to maintain the correct PH of the intestine. Blood type 0 : carbohydrates, gluten, but even corn and, unfortunately, potatoes are big enemies. It is also recommended not to consume lentils, red and white beans as well as peanuts and black olives, but prefer walnuts and pumpkin seeds.

Avoid coffee. On the contrary, sea food and oily fish, liver and algae sea salt are particularly suitable for type 0s. Pumpkins and Savoy cabbages a go-go, but even bresaola, a variety of cured meat really appreciated by Dr. Mozzi, who eat it at breakfast, since he has type 0 blood. People with blood group 0 digest meat better than the other blood types but they should avoid pork. It is preferable to avoid solanaceae i. Each one must come to his or her own conclusion.

Since I haven't already tested it for myself, I can neither embrace nor dismiss the diet s. Dec 31, Aaron rated it it was amazing. I was pleased to pick up this little guide to assist in remembering what food, beverages and supplements I can take in. Dec 20, Rachel Chenoweth rated it it was amazing. So helpful when I go shopping.

I used to have a card about the size of a business car that had the foods to avoid, since that is a shorter list, but I lost it. This book is great because it holds only the info for one blood type and therefore is light enough to carry into the store. It works Just learned of my blood type and this book is so very close to what my stomach likes. So happy to have discovered this book. Sep 13, Ella Howd rated it it was amazing Shelves: , health-diet-fitness.

It's really funny to me how many of my "beneficial" foods are already daily staples for me, while many of my "avoid" foods are ones I'm actually allergic to! To me that really adds to the credibility of this being a more natural diet for me. Very informative and helpul. Jan 14, Susie added it. Good reference. Jan 23, Justin rated it really liked it. Contains all of the relevant information from the larger blood type books in a much more concise format.

Jun 29, R. Can't wait to start! I have been feeling very lethargic and having health issues at I can't wait to try this diet. Most of the foods on my list I already love. A very interesting read and it has inspired me to follow the rules as best I can and I have within only a few weeks seen benifits including weight loss.

Dec 28, Chris Kiklas rated it it was ok. I thought this book was well written and seemed thoughtful and well researched, but when I ate like it was recommended in this book, I didn't feel better and actually had less energy. I keep this in my purse. I have read both books a few times to try and remember what i can and can't eat. Blood Type A Food, Beverage and supplement lists. Highly recommend. Dec 30, Susan rated it really liked it. Very informative great guide to eliminate foods that do not work well for your blood type.

Also may be helpful in weight loss. Informational More in depth information than you'll find in the book ALL four blood types, however not much more is provided.

What Is the Blood Type Diet?

Aug 11, La rated it it was amazing. I can't wait to make this change and see what happens.

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Informasi diet sehat untuk golongan darahku.. Supaya gak repot masak yang berbeda jadi ya Aug 24, Joel Rockey rated it liked it. This book was given to me by my father. The author of this book suggests a specific diet for each blood type. Supposedly there are foods that are highly beneficial, neutral, or should be avoided at all costs for each blood type.

Basically I realized that our family has been eating everything that is bad for our individual blood type.

Ellen Shares the Results of Her Blood Type Diet

It was an interesting read. Aug 24, Becca rated it really liked it.

What is the A blood type?

Good info, but this is just a summary if the original book, mostly just with the food lists. It has very little explanation as to why each food is good or bad.

I guess I'll have to read the unabridged version for that. Jul 31, Helman Taofani rated it liked it Shelves: health. Jangan beli buku ini kalo ngga pengen kesenengan-kesenengan di dunia kuliner berbalik jadi monster jahat. Buku ini reveals banyak menu diet khusus untuk tipe-tipe golongan darah. Konon, emang manjur dan berkhasiat Apr 19, Heather rated it it was ok Shelves: did-not-finish.

If you are only doing the blood type diet, this book is okay, however some values might have changed since publication, and I would definitely count on the internet to keep more current. I personally would not buy this as I thought I might have.

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Aug 06, Inggita rated it it was ok Shelves: living. Oct 13, Lura rated it it was amazing. A great book,Discusses in a simple way how diet affects your health.. I Began to get benefit from it and succeeded!! Thank you very much, Mr. Mar 30, Nadia is currently reading it.

Blood Type Diet FAQ

I'm actually reading for Blood Type B, but I couldn't find it on here as one of the options! Jan 22, Patti rated it it was ok. This Type A cannot give up potatoes or black tea. Cathleen Ryan rated it it was amazing Jul 20, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed.