Manual Case Closed, Vol. 16: The Black Star

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Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you'll love. Sign up and get a free eBook! Case Closed, Vol. Illustrated by Gosho Aoyama. Book 16 of Case Closed. Trade Paperback. Price may vary by retailer. Add to Cart Add to Cart. About The Book. About The Author. Gosho Aoyama.

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About The Illustrator. Product Details. With London in turmoil, can Jimmy find a chance to confess his feelings to Rachel, or will love mean zero in tennis as well as in life? Reviews Review Policy. Published on. Original pages. Best For. Android 3. Content Protection.

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Private eye Richard Moore has found a new line of work: ghost-busting! Moore discovers that the ghost may not be real—but the threats of murder are. To stop the killer, Conan must uncover the truth behind a disaster that took place 13 years ago! Case Closed: The Day of the Jekyll. After eavesdropping on their plans, Conan teams up with the FBI to stop the assassination. Case Closed: Murder on the Slopes.

Rachel Rings Twice

A reporter is found dead just before an interview with the Junior Detective League. Conan is determined to close the case Digging for clams at the beach, the Junior Detective League digs up a mystery instead.

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Did a depressed beachgoer commit suicide, or was he murdered by one of his friends? But the pesky furball leads him to the clues he needs to solve an impenetrable code. Could there be a new detective in town—one even cuter than Conan? Case Closed: The Woman in White. More featuring private investigators.

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Vol 3. It's tough being Nokoru Imonoyama, the smartest kid at a school for geniuses. There's not a lot that can stimulate his mind.

So what does he do? Start a detective agency to help damsels in distress! Nokoru's partners are his two best friends and fellow class board members: South Takamura, a master of martial arts, and Akira Ijyuin, detective by day, thief by night.

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And when Nokoru isn't trying to replace himself with a robot to get out of his paperwork, he's searching for the owner of a lost silk stocking obviously a damsel of the highest class , investigating an elaborate surveillance system, and recalling the time he made his first real friend during a daring kidnapping escape. Case Closed: The Kaito Game. Long ago, Sunset Manor was the site of a gruesome massacre Now six master detectives have been invited to the manor to play a deadly game hosted by Japan's greatest phantom thief.

A lost treasure, an impossible poisoning, a message in blood, ominous images of crows; it's all part of a puzzle not even the sleuths can solve, especially after they start turning on each other.

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The only one who can win the game and stop the deaths from piling up is the uninvited seventh detective: Conan! The head of a toy company has been murdered, and the only clue is a cryptic message spelled out in wooden blocks. Meanwhile, Anita makes a difficult choice. Case Closed: The Magical Suicide.

Case Closed, Vol. 16

When a master magician commits suicide his wife suspects foul play and pays a visit to private detective Richard Moore's office. The culprit is one of the dead magician's three assistants. Can Conan find out which one of them had something deadly up their sleeve? Plus, Rachel takes Conan's glasses off while he is sleeping and discovers Conan looks just like a young Jimmy Kudo!

Is Jimmy's cover blown? Or can he find a way to pull the wool over her eyes yet again?