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You can think of them as posts such as on Twitter you have Tweets and on Facebook, you have status updates — images, links to websites, products, recipes, etc.

Getting Crafty – The eCommerce Guide to Pinterest

Just like writing effective product descriptions for your website, you need to have some strategy when it comes to writing the descriptions for your pins so that they are searchable. It draws you in to learn more — without feeling like a forced advertisement. Pinterest gives merchants a lot of power when it comes to Pinning products to the site — primarily in the form of Buyable Pins and Product Pins. Essentially, a buyable pin is a pin with a buy button that leads directly to a sale through the Pinterest interface — your customers never have to leave Pinterest for them to complete the sale.

Why is this a good thing? Buyable pins are an easy and free way to drive eCommerce sales from a popular social media site that your customers are already using. Buyable pins work seamlessly across mobile and desktop platforms — so if your customer saves a pin on their desktop, they can easily go back and buy it from their mobile device later.

Buyable Pins offer an easy way to meet your customers where they already hang out online. Here we see a pin with a price — if we click on that pin we see the option to add it to our bag — the same way a customer would on any eCommerce site. Once you have made any size, color, or other selections that may appear for the item — in the case of these earrings I had to choose a color Rose Gold , the item appears in your bag. If you click on that icon you are taken to a check out screen where you can check out with your selected products.

Buyable Pins are a great way to make additional eCommerce sales in conjunction with those that you already make on your eCommerce store and reach customers that may have not otherwise known about your products. Product Pins are a type of Rich Pin — Rich Pins pull data from your website to provide additional information to the pin.

Product pins are slightly different from Buyable Pins, because while they do provide information about your product on Pinterest, they do not let the user buy that product directly from Pinterest.

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Product Pins include information such as the products price, availability, and where to purchase the item. Pinterest states that you should NOT use Product Pins if your website only shows products that users must travel to another site to purchase. Product Pins can be a great way to drive traffic to different product pages on your eCommerce store. This Product Pin from Urban Outfitters pulls all the product information from the Urban Outfitters website but the user must click the image to go to their website to actually purchase the item:. When you Pin an image to Pinterest, you assign it to a board.

Typically the best practice for Pinterest boards is to assign them a theme, or topic. Nearly all brands on Pinterest have a wide variety of themed boards — such as these boards by American Eagle:.

5 Elements for Crafting a Compelling Story Your Audience Will Love

Themed boards make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for not only for themselves but as gifts. Board names should include keywords you know your customers are searching for and can be as niche as you want them to be — there is no limit to how many boards you can create. You can also rearrange the order of your boards in your profile, so as to put the most seasonally relevant boards first. You should always be Pinning with a purpose in mind. Choose Pins that are relevant to the theme of your board. While the goal here is to promote your own products, people can be turned off if you are over Pinning your own products.

Try to space out where your products are Pinned on your boards with other content. You should always be aiming to inspire people on Pinterest.

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Pinterest is a platform that thrives on visually stunning images. Make sure you are choosing products that photograph well and utilizing images of your products in life settings. Your goal should be to inspire potential customers with your products so that they want to buy them. Present your products in a way that gives customers an idea of how they could be used in their own lives.

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Okay, here we go! Why all the changes?

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Location tags Hashtags Keyword-rich descriptions Tips for your photo feed: The goal is for users to feel motivated to take action — via a like, a comment or a share or tagging. Incorporate video approximately every fifth post. Boomerangs count as video. Use relevant hashtags, and be creative and think outside the obvious.

SEO Strategy to Optimize Your New Content For Relevant Keywords

There is no such thing as shadowbanning on hashtags. So make sure you put your effort into each photo as a stand-alone, rather than trying to match your grid. Videos and photos should be conversation starters. Make your captions count. Give context. Be meaningful. Keywords are just as important! NEVER delete a photo — archive it instead! When you delete a photo, it sets your momentum back to zero and you have to start all over. It saves them and you can add it back in later in the original timeline. Give your photos a chance.

5 Keys For Creating Viral YouTube Titles - Search Engine Land

Interact on those photos to be a part of the story, make new friends and expose your business to new people! Try to preplan your content, rather than doing it in real-time. Use templates from Canva to help. The goal is for people to stay on your stories and not tap through or swipe away.

1. Finding Good Etsy Keywords

Stories is loaded with features you can use to make your entries pop! There are a zillion types of hacks you can use — check out YouTube to see them. When posting stories, play with all the features offered along the bottom of the screen — Focus, Boomerang, Live, Rewind, Superzoom, etc. Also use stickers, gifs, screen filters, etc. Use a mixture of photos and video.