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Totally scary to think it could happen! Sarra Cannon is a brilliant story teller.. Absolutely recommend this to all. As always, Sarra Cannons's book was great! I couldn't put it down! Aug 13, Beautiful rated it it was amazing Shelves: , sarra-cannon. I love to read and when I read those are Adventures I have in life I had many and I have more to look forward too. Aug 09, Ann rated it it was amazing. I did not expect to love this book like I did!

Such a great read! It was a different take for zombies, and with all of the zombie reinventions out there, I was expecting this to be a total bust--but it was pretty good. There were still a lot of problems with the writing itself.

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It's an overused line to begin with, but to then use it five times in one book? Come on! And to be honest, the way it was used 3. And to be honest, the way it was used in this book annoyed me more.


When shit hits the fan, the last thing you are thinking about is that nothing will be normal or the same again. Or maybe you're one of those people who keep their head on and you're thinking about all the strategies you can use to get yourself where you need to be--but certainly not about how the world will change, good grief. Parrish, among other characters, loved to bite the shit out of her lip.

I mean, she really went to town on it. It kind of reminded me of a badger for some reason--and I doubt they bite their lips, but that's what kept popping into my head. The stereotyping. Asian nerd. Leggy blonde cheerleader. Artsy, punky, emo with an attitude. It was very disappointing. The characters needed work. I needed more time with The Witch. You don't get a real feel for her. She is supposed to be submissive to the Dark One, but I just didn't think it would work like that.

Because, see, the first thing you learn about The Witch is that she is defying the council. A girl set on defiance isn't going to turn around and be someone else's slave.

She also seemed like she should have known flamboyant manipulation tactics, especially from the Dark One. You're led to believe that The Witch has some knowledge and history about her. So everything concerning those two really didn't sit well with me. Oh Karmen, where do we start with your ridiculousness?

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I'm not sure how Karmen is still alive. Actually, she should have died in the mall. And if not then, definitely in Parrish's house.

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There is just no way she should have made it to the end of the book. Not when you have her bumbling around like the big breasted, blonde women in Scream, getting their implants stabbed out. Her legs never moved.

She had no self preservation. She knew, knew that she froze in life or death situations, yet she insisted on doing stupid stuff. You know how you just want to scream at characters doing stupid shit in movies? This was Karmen. Unfortunately, by the fourth or fifth time, you're left going--just fucking eat her already! I don't care if she is supposed to be important, she doesn't work hard enough to live. The plot was pretty good.


It was easy to follow, even though there were some missing pieces to really keep it smooth. The council is all but forgotten. The witch has no inner reflections. For not liking to kill, she sure doesn't question it. Then she inwardly complains that she couldn't stay to watch her creations kill people If this was supposed to be a way to show you that the Witch was becoming evil, it didn't really work that way for me.

It just made it seem like a new person had come and replaced her, rather than her morphing into this personality. Again, had I had more interaction with her character, and time was spent getting to know HER, not just what she was doing, then it would have been a lot better. Oh my During this time, the zombie she has been fighting just waits! I laughed out loud. It doesn't catch her off guard like it should have. It doesn't bite her. It just waits for her to return her attention to it before doing what zombies do.

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There were a handful of editing errors. They instead of the. Things like that. Aside from all this, it was rather entertaining. It set up the sequel well, and even kept it interesting.

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I wasn't quite expecting things to go that way, but it doesn't quite make sense either. For the most part the book was paced well. I do think that it took too long to get moving, but once it moved, it kept going.

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I enjoyed that the romance was subtle rather than the main component of the book. It worked well here. I will read the next one, and I do recommend this read. Jul 14, K. There are a million zombie stories out there but this one has an interesting dark fairytale twist. The zombie virus is caused by a spell. Five survivors, called the guardians, realize that they have special skills they lacked before. They will come together almost the way Mother Abigail called her followers in The Stand The Guardians: Parrish: Emo girl turned ninja ice queen after the zombie apocalypse.

She can fight and she can freeze zombies.