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This also means that they will be expected to set an example for the rest of the industry. In short, how successful Blockstack is will determine the pace of future approvals by the SEC down the line. There currently does not exist a blockchain that relies on a protocol token which is classified as a security.

The Blockstack experiment could push the industry to create separate blockchains specifically for security tokens, an idea which has been floating around the space for some time. Moreover, if Blockstack fails in its implementation of its STO, then the entire industry will definitely suffer.

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In many ways, the SEC is using Blockstack as a pilot program to see whether other approvals are appropriate. If successful, STOs will likely accelerate as we go into In their statement, the heads of UN agencies said the violence "makes an effective response far more complicated because of insecurity, including armed attacks on health workers and facilities, and population displacement.

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Political wrangling on what vaccines to deploy and who should be in charge of the fight against Ebola has also complicated efforts. Back in Butembo, Huguette, the survivor turned awareness campaigner, said she was determined to keep working to help in the fight against the disease.

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Toggle navigation. One year on, fight against Ebola far from over As Rwanda shuts border with DRC over Ebola fears, health workers call for increase in efforts to beat deadly epidemic. Mulyanza Vitya Huguette says she's lucky to be alive. Have your say.

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