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Bolivia is annexed by Brazil, and Argentina is next. Brazil also sends expeditionary forces to Angola to rid the region of populism. Gran Colombia signs a non-aggression pact with Brazil and calls it a day. Mexico and the Central America Federation meet in a stalemate, which is soon broken after extensive bombings by Mexico. Fortunately, this is shot down mid-flight. In a concerning turn of events, the southern regions of Greenland have become ice-free this summer. With this turn, we officially surpass China World Map Game as the longest running map game on Future.

Hungary manages to sneak off with southwest Ukraine and Transylvania, thanks to Polish support. The Czechoslovak defenses finally break, with the Polish flag being raised over Prague and Bratislava. Czechoslovakia is then partitioned by neighbouring nations, specifically Poland, Hungary, Austria and Prussia, with Poland getting the biggest slices. The nukes headed for Athens and Sofia never make it, but Plovdiv suffers damage.

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Greek troops still reach Istanbul, and declare a ceasefire. In the east, Armenia and Iran begin their advance. The Kurds are finally swayed by the Turkish government, and stay put awaiting for independence. The Vecaslavian Union is proclaimed after Serbia formally annexes the last of Slovenia. Reports of genocide leak out, but cannot be confirmed.

The United Kingdom, offering to build up British Columbia, exchanges regions in Alberta and the Northwest Territories for tribute, mainly in the form of a small tax. Alaska doesn't like this, and claims the Northwest Territories to be theirs. Mexico annexes El Salvador, and has reached Tegucigalpa. Brazil liberates Paraguay from Bolivia and Argentina, and installs a puppet regime in Bolivia before going down to Argentina.

Mozambique sneaks behind Lake Victoria. The Indian-Pakistani border fluctuates every 12 hours, but trends suggest Indian advance. Iran sends troops to secure regions in West Balochistan, catalysing Pakistani defeat. With the division of Czechoslovakia, peace debatable returns to Central Europe mostly anyways.

The Romanians don't like Hungary snitching their land, and decide to return the favor. Hungary calls to Poland for support. Albania experiences influences from Vecaslavia and Greece, and over time divides the population. Iran and Armenia, having no reason to listen to the Kurds, presses on to Turkey. The Caliphate announces their support for Turkey without mentioning Iran. India makes great advances against Pakistan, assisted by Iranian acquisitions in the west. The Chinese Federation and Southeast Asian Union do not make any advances so far, as a stalemate has been reached in the Burmese and Indochinese fronts.

Brazil stations troops in Chile to prevent Argentinian advance, while solidifiying their current border. Their troops in Namibia launch an assault on Angola, giving the reasons of eradicating the danger of populism, but most speculate it is trying to expand its influence.

Over in Africa, the three populist West African states compile a great defense line to combat the Maghrebian Federation. Populist insurrections in Zimbabwe and Madagascar occur. Alaska and Cascadia call for a ceasefire, citing weather conditions that no one would want to fight in. California and Texas amass troops along their borders with Mexico.

Japan successfully creates a spacecraft capable of greater manouverability from pressurized jets of water. Ebola outbreak in the Congo, after soldiers surveying an infected village brought the virus back to their base. Estimated nine dead so far. The CSA is formally annexed by the American Republic, and in response, the rest of the former US states reassert their rights to independence and do not wish for war with the American Republic.

Iran presses further into Turkey, swarming the Kurd-dominant regions. The Abbasid Caliphate sends support to Iran to quell the Kurds, fearing succession of their own Kurdish population. Afghanistan decides to snitch some land from Pakistan in the north, but immediately gets dunked on in the south. India now controls the Kashmir region, but they do not intend to stop there, having struck a deal with Iran to deport all Muslim Pakistanis there once they annex their land.

Turkey has run out of nukes left over from the Cold War. Angola faces hard battle with Brazil, but gets pushed back in an unexpected turn of events. Mozambique pushes further into EAF after breaking through the stalemate. Dar es Salaam has seen an exchange of ownership for about five times in a week. Indian destroyers are seen cruising around the coast of eastern Africa after rumors of Hindu oppression in Mozambique leak out.

Hungary and Romania begin fighting over Translyvania again, with Romania calling for support as Hungary gains ground. Kiev and Bulgaria announce their support, but don't really do much else. Vecaslavia on the other hand, seeks to liberate Slavs in Hungary, and as such invades its southern regions. Rebellions begin to rapidly occur within the southern states of the American Republic, specifically in Miami. Drafted personnel from the southern states begin to attack northern officers and soldiers.

Large stockpiles of weaponry are raided and a "New Confederacy" is promoted throughout the cultural aspect in Florida. Many of the collective African states begin to lose power via their terrible economies. It should also be noted that the entire Congo nation has become a swarm of Ebola, with millions affected and thousands dying daily. Estimated 3. Numerous independence riots begin in the Caucasus region, with Circassia losing territory to the self-proclaimed Caspian Emirate.

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Switzerland begins an official conference to begin a possible end to the war, however, many of the belligerents do not care for this. France and Spain see similar independence protests. Sicily attempts possible succession. Many of these independence wars are thought to be have been supported by Vecaslavia, however, there is no hard evidence to prove so. Iran and the Abbasid Caliphate push far into Turkey, going all the way to Ankara near the end of the year.

The Abbasid Caliphate becomes less and less powerful though, with many citizens wanting change. Romania and Hungary continue fighting over Transylvania, while Kiev comes in and establishes itself as a third belligerent, attempting to take control of Transylvania for itself. Brazil officially defeats Angola, marking not only an end to one of the more brutal and bloody conflicts within World War III, but also begs the question of whether the war should continue or not.

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Angola is to pay nearly ,,, Billion USD to Brazil, which causes most of the economy within Angola to nearly collapse within the first few weeks post-war. With fresh troops in Angola, Brazil expands its influence by invading the Congo. India expresses similar interests, and launches an expeditionary force to liberate Madagascar from the tyranny of Mozambique. The Ebola outbreaks kills another 20 thousand people in the Congo. The war over Transylvania rages on, with regional powers supporting Hungary, Romania or Kiev.

The Vecaslavian Union invades Albania, while Greece does the same. Iran and India meet in East Balochistan after months of fighting, and Afghanistan stole some northern Pakistani lands. Kasmir is fully Indian and Pakistan is expected to be destroyed soon. Iran and the Abbasid Caliphate no longer make advances in Turkey, and reinforces current borders. Greece takes this opportunity and invades beyond Constantinople.

Henry Parkers Robot Wars

They meet Iranian forces in the north. France manages to pacify rebellions in Brittany and Burgundy, but lose control of Occitania for a few months. Spain on the other hand, is falling apart. Portugal attempts to snitch Galicia, but changes its mind due to their constant demands for independence. In the southern US states, a new movement rises, calling for the extermination of the Muslim threat to Christianity and the reinforcement of religious laws in America, and in turn, the world.

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Brazil invades the Congo, with little to no resistance in infected areas. India manages to land in Madagascar, but has only taken the northern regions so far.

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Sudan joins the joint operative against the Maghrebian Federation, but takes hits from Ethiopia who capitalizes on the double front. The EAF is pushed back even more, and calls on support from anyone who is willing to help. India responds by launching naval raids along the Mozambique Channel.

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  6. The Ebola outbreak in the Congo has somewhat slowed, but thousands are still dying. Brazil begins setting up its own sphere of influence within South America, eager to expand their ideals. The Caspian Emirate sets up a rebel group loyal to the Emirate in southern Circassia. Iran is disgusted by their current borders, and purchases some land off Afghanistan and the Abbasid Caliphate. India annexes what they control in Pakistan, and begin influencing Nepal and Sri Lanka, taking up the position as rival to an increasingly powerful Brazil.


    An observation in Brazil and India show a pattern similar to what the US and China did earlier this century. Brazil comes up with original products, India copies them and makes them better. Fortunately, they learned from the Chinese not to blatantly rip off Brazilian franchises, setting up tech capitals within the nation with their innovative efforts of improving Brazilian technology. The self-proclaimed "Knights of the South", make their first international appearance by crucifying a Muslim. This is met with international outcry, and condemnation circulates the media like wildfire.

    Alaska and Cascadia form the Bering Pact, which is soon supported by the Far Eastern Republic on grounds of support against imperialist powers.