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And there were few — if any — black males in the surrounding community who could talk to him about options after high school. We had a black administrator, but he was totally invisible to the black students. When his high school friends returned to Plant City after their first and second semesters in college, they told Range about their campus adventures. That pushed him to begin researching colleges and universities on his own. But what institution would accept him, given his lackluster performance in high school and community college? Founded in , it was the first college to be owned and operated by African-Americans.

I developed a hunger, desire, thirst and hustle that turned the tide for me.

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When he received the acceptance letter in the mail, he broke down and cried. Range dug into his pocket and offered the cash, but his father pushed it back. I wanted him to know that he had to work to get what he wanted in life.

Green has been a mentor and friend to Range since his arrival on the East Lansing campus. Range majored in mass communication but struggled early on because he was less academically prepared than his peers. But over time, he excelled in the classroom and became involved in campus life, landing a job as a resident assistant in the dormitories. When his senior year rolled around, he was the lead resident assistant, responsible for nearly of his fellow undergraduates.

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Floyd H. Flake, who served as president of Wilberforce from until and was a U. Representative D-N.

Another one of those influential men was Parris Carter, dean of students at Wilberforce from until I barely got out of high school. Range meets with Russell Johnson, an assistant professor of management at Michigan State.

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Range continues to work as an associate consultant with SAAB, helping Bledsoe set up chapters across the country. LingoDeer - Learn Languages.

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Initially clever but ultimately boring puzzle-ish game. Heavy Metal Tennis Training. Dull and rather un-metal tennis arcade game. Zombie Beach Party. Clever zombie arcade game scares up fun for all ages.

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The Contender: Fight of the Century. All-ages arcade boxing game that's so simple it's dull. Devices: iPhone, iPad. Jam Toys. Great sound, graphics but with few features, fun is limited. Sticky Bodies.

Unclear goals and payment requests hamper a fun premise. End of Line Clearance 2. Digital Resources Browse Now. Find Out More.


Read More. Fostering Independence By Sonya McIntyre We often think of independence in young children as an end goal, something to work towards with the finish line Looking for Inspiration Watch Now. Browse Now. Free call Fax