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I try not to walk into a situation that I'm unprepared for. I'm always pushing hard too. Yes, and no. Honestly, starting in a food truck isn't a choice for most people. They have to open that way based on capital constraints. A food truck is a tough, raw business. It's hard to make it. Once you are in it, it's tough to make it to the next level. But obviously, people are able to make the leap. When you own a business, you are automatically in a position of leadership.

You better learn how to inspire and lead other people. You also should be willing to sacrifice a lot for your business. That's part of the deal. Our operations were a mess very early on. I was trying to learn on the fly, so there was a ton we could have Eric Silverstein and Louis Cantu former food truck manager in front of the original food truck at 24 St.

Photo by Vi Nguyen. My advice is to treat the business as a marathon and not a sprint. Move at a deliberate pace, and make sure you have systems in place as you grow. Don't try to do everything yourself — hire people to help you.

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Honestly, you just start. You get a truck outfitted and you get a permit.

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Simple as that. Make sure your line is set up the right way; meaning, you have zero extra space so make sure all the cooking equipment you have on board is a.

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Make sure you have a commissary you can prep out of. We are very focused on Instagram at the moment.

SEO driven toward our Google business listing has. Grow from within. We put an emphasis on trying to grow the people that work for us at the lower rung of the ladder.

Hetty McKinnon has a passion for summer vegetables and quick weeknight meals

Teach them how to grow and achieve bigger things. There are pros and cons to this strategy, but those that started at the bottom for you are more loyal than those making a lateral move on board. The Peached Tortilla was featured on Live! Published by Sterling Epicure. Almost 10 years later, they opened their first food truck on Cesar Chavez. At the time we only sold shaved ice and fruit. We made a snowman out in the front of the truck to attract some attention, thinking no one would show up.

It was crazy to see how many people came and stopped to buy. It was definitely a sign that we were doing something right," Reyna recalls. Though the sisters say their mother will always be their biggest inspiration in the kitchen, they also look up to Aaron Sanchez and Anna Ruiz. It's all pipian for Maritza, who describes their food as fresh,. But the tacos are by far their most popular item.

We've been able to accomplish everything we pictured and planned, and we are beyond grateful for that," Reyna says. We wanted to make sure we were not getting ahead of ourselves and we were making smart decisions for our business, even if it took longer to reach that goal of a brick-and-mortar. It had always been a goal to build the food trucks into a sustainable permanent location. Food trucks have to take their dirty water and grease to be emptied at a commissary — they are required by the city to rent a commissary kitchen to do prep work and properly remove waste — it's a lot.

The weather is a killer for food trucks. A bad day can really take a toll, so with such a high demand for our product we needed more space to cook and prep. We also wanted to expand our menu a little bit more, and more space allowed us to be able to do those things. Also, customers are a lot more comfortable being able to eat inside in any type of weather.

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Yes, the food business is very humbling and kind in some sense. Getting a food truck is still an investment, but the risk is lower than investing in a brick-andmortar from the start. We wish someone would have told us how complicated filing permits and working with the city would be. Back then, food trucks were not really popular so it wasn't as organized as it is now. There's so much more information for people who are just starting out making the process a little easier.

We wish we would have known how important it was to invest in land when it wasn't as expensive to buy around our original home on the east side. Maybe if we would have paid for marketing and advertising in an earlier stage of our business, it would have helped promote us a little quicker. All our advertising was word of mouth, which was amazing!

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Be consistent, and don't get discouraged. It takes time and work. Having a small kitchen first gives you the ability to be able to work anywhere. You learn about managing space and making the best of what you have.


Small kitchens need small menus to make sure that your food is fresh and has. We wake up early, for sure. You have to be patient and fix one problem at a time because it can be overwhelming at times. It's so different now. Ten years ago, food trucks were not as popular.

Now you need to have a solid product that's accessible and good quality and your marketing and advertising has to be even better. Veracruz has been featured in Tacos of Texas by taco expert Mando Rayo. Because I'm in the restaurant business and food really not only nourishes us, but food really socially touches so many things. There are so many ways to be nourished: food, drink, friends, ideas, conversation, and they can all be shared over a meal.

DHL: Tell me a little bit about your background. Were you always interested in the restaurant business? Have you always been an entrepreneur? What brought you into it and what do JM: I am a commercial interior designer. I was living in Los Angeles working with the Wolfgang Puck account nationally and doing some big jobs there with commercial design. We dated long distance for one year and then he imported me here. DHL: Speaking of Greg. JM: We're very proud of that. There's only a handful of restaurants in Austin.

Really, it's not rocket science. It does take a lot of hard work. To stay open that long, what it really takes is having a product and giving people an experience and a product that they want to repeat. It's really as simple as that.

The spirit of the moment combined with the beautiful mural behind them caught her eye and she got the shot. Its an exceptional photograph. Restaurants are closing every day in Austin and competition is popping up every day. How do you keep it interesting and fresh? JM: The way we do it is we stay very involved, and we keep our quality very high — of what's on the plate. We're very picky about quality of ingredients.

We make everything from scratch in small batches. We only buy Grade A. So we're also sourcing about 70 percent of our product locally. Local meaning from the state of Texas, because we. As far as our menu and really our business as a whole, we really always strive to be the market leaders. Even though we have been in business for 35 years, we never rest on our laurels. We're always thinking of new things, doing new things, keeping it fresh. Talk to me a little bit about your role as far as making sure that the service is high-quality service as well as highquality food.