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Her novel has already been reprinted in less than six months. How can exile and home be written? In this volume of new writing fifteen innovative and outstanding Palestinian writers—essayists, poets, novelists, critics, artists and memoirists—respond with their reflections, experiences, memories and polemics. Contributors probe the past through unconventional memories, reflecting on when it all began.

Their contributions—poignant, humorous, intimate, reflective, intensely political—make for an offering that is remarkable for the candour and grace with which it explores the many individual and collective experiences of waiting, living for, and seeking Palestine. She is an Associate Editor of the Jerusalem Quarterly. Raja Shehadeh is a Palestinian lawyer and writer who lives in Ramallah. He is the founder of the pioneering non-partisan human rights organisation, Al Haq, an affiliate of the International Commission of Jurists, and the author of several books about international law, human rights and the Middle East.

His new book, Occupation Diaries, is published in August The answer is in these narratives: these stories, memoirs, poems are a pleasure and an education; personal, vivid, original, sometimes witty, always accomplished and always honest. They are a testimonial to the human spirit, and to the growing contribution of Palestine to literature. This irresistible seducer has two obsessions: sex and an utter adoration of Nelson Mandela, the mythical ANC leader then the talk of the country and to this young man the essence of courage and virility. A brave and unusual coming-of-age novel, combining delightful anecdotes about the everyday life of the Zulu community with scenes of violence, family, social and political, in a country in torment.

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Wisdom and humour rub shoulders in this fable, a homage to the great Mandela. A journalist, he taught literature at various universities. The author of many essays on culture and South African literature, plays and novels, he was awarded numerous literary prizes. He died in Johannesburg in September Zam, a committed political journalist, has been the victim of a theft: his entire valuable collection of jazz records has been stolen. The following day he discovers a dead body in his cupboard.

There follows a succession of events during which Zam — more in tune with the simple pleasures of life — slowly realises that a plot is being hatched against him. So he decides to conduct an investigation which rapidly turns into a nightmare, where shady policemen get mixed up with corrupt politicians, where foreign diplomats lurk while the secret services let loose. Writer, essayist, bookseller, editor, militant citizen, Mongo BETI — born in in Cameroon — has for half a century been at the heart of the struggle for an Africa free from the tragedies of colonisation and independence confiscated.

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And also how well Elyse took the changes happening in her life. I love how understanding Simone was and it seemed how understanding Killeen eventually became.

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Aug 30, Nikki Pearce rated it it was amazing. This series just gets better and better. Elyse a human has been captured and guarded by savages. She is being used for her ability. Saxon is on the hunt for a house with a wraparound porch that kadence saw in her vision. Eventually Saxon finds the house but after battling with savages he collapses outside in the snow. Elyse makes a run for it not knowing if she could trust Saxon. They are now both OMG. They are now both stuck inside after a snowdrift. Both attracted to each other however Elyse finds this disturbing as Saxon is a Vampire like her captures.

Can they get on and get out before the rest of the savages come back?

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Sensational addition to the series. D… and I think this phase of my reading life is over. But time has passed and I think my taste has matured …somehow. Have the hots for him and start flirting, asking about exes and his sex life. Sorry but, WTF? I got whiplash. This is another terrific read in the Alliance series and I absolutely loved it. Saxon is a very lovable guy and I enjoyed getting to know him better and catch up with characters from previous books.

Elyse is a fantastic heroine with plenty of secrets and her story weaves perfectly into the overall unfolding story of this series. Oct 04, Kristy rated it it was amazing. If you liked the first 3 books or even Vampire Awakenings series then this one won't disappoint.

Not my favorite in the series but not my least favorite either. I did like the learning more about what is to come and how the war is progressing. I like Saxon and I love how these books seem to pull opposites together but then you can also see the shift in personalities or how they start to relax around their mates, the whole concept is just so heart warming to me.

VERY excited the next book is about If you liked the first 3 books or even Vampire Awakenings series then this one won't disappoint. Sep 09, Clarice rated it it was amazing. This was another great story in the series! Definitely next level! And things are even more interesting. Poor woman has been through hell and it shows. But she can help them in a way no one would have thought possible. Makes me ready for the next book!

This series never disappoints. Secrets, lies and Savages. Action adventure and hidden tunnels. Explosion of the literal and sexy kind.

Bound by Passion Review Kadence sends Ronan and his trusted friends in search of a cabin in the woods, a needle in a haystack. Saxon finds the cabin and his mate Elyse. Another great addition to The Alliance Series. A well-written suspenseful story. Characters we have fallen in love with and new ones introduced. I loved it I loved and enjoyed Bound by Passion so much!! It had so much action from begging to the end that I would keep trying to read as long as I could, I was almost late for work cause I couldn't stop.

Obviously it was very steamy n hot!! Great storyline and characters, can't wait for the next one!! I need more!!!! Author Brenda K Davies is a creative and astounding author. Her stories are breathtaking and addictive. This book has everything you need to keep engrossed and entertained. The characters are like a family you can't get enough of, I love catching up with them and enjoy reading each of their stories. I highly recommend this wonderful story. Sep 04, Sherry rated it really liked it Shelves: own , favourite-re-reads , recommendations , paranormal , fantasy , fiction , vampires.

Thrill ride from page one. Love the characters, environment, romance and the action. Thanks Brenda for the thrill ride. Sep 29, Cathy rated it it was amazing.


I absolutely love this series. What Elyse and her dad went through was unimaginable. However, Thanks to Kadence and her vision, Saxon finds the cabin where Elyse is being help captive. Of course Love and Chaos ensues. The story was amazing as always. I cannot wait until the book in the series. Aug 30, Kathy rated it it was amazing Shelves: paranormal-romance. I absolutely love, love this book! This series is awesome.