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Here is how you can use hypnosis to improve your telephone conversations with customers, either when doing support, sales, or cold-calling. Listen to this 3-min podcast if you want to get the jist of the article and hear examples of our tricks! Well, that is what your customers want to hear when they call your support line for a problem, or when you happen to have the product that will drastically improve their lives.

May I use the Xerox machine? But a further experiment indicated otherwise…. May I use the Xerox machine because I have to make some copies?

Yet nearly as many people agreed as when a real reason was given. These techniques are often used by politicians. In order to determine what kind of personality you are and what types of hypnosis a professional will use, hypnotists often start by asking subtle questions. Indeed, the key to tell what your customers want to hear more is to let them talk so you can understand them better. When you feel you have gained some sympathy from your customers, engage them with questions — the reason for asking is to encourage your interlocutor to tell how good they feel: it makes this feeling stronger.

This is very important when phoning your customers — even more than other means of communication such as emails — because you are taking a very valuable amount of their time to talk with them. For Lovemarks is as simple as buy a copy. You want it? Have it. Frankly, I think the e-book is not the best example for all the tactics explained here. Guarantee, trial, unit of sale? Good copy is a difference maker in almost all cases. Combine that with a well written call to action and you could sell just about anything!

Of course you want to convince people of the value of the content itself.

MPHONLINE | Persuasive Ways : 'Trick of the Trade' to get your ideas across

Great post. Is there any particular guidance for page length-to-price ratio, or any other metric to help authors establish price? The customer will almost feel like they have to sneak out of the office before you notice how good of a deal they got.

Top 10 Grocery Store Tricks to Get You to Buy More

That just recently happened to me when I bought a car. The salesmen made me feel as though I completely robbed the dealership and it made me feel great… and I even knew exactly what he was doing. Sales is all about packaging an already existing product in such a way that a customer will be willing to pay for it. It is not cheating or deceiving people.

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  • Listen to your customers carefully and engage with questions.

It is just making sure that the customer gets what he wants. There are many angles to look at the same product.

Tricks realtors use to sell homes

But it is important to find an angle that appeals to a certain person. I believe that people like having options and feel like they have a say in what they are getting. If we are able to satisfy that desire, we are just helping the customer make up their mind. It is all about re framing the way we look at selling products.

If we know that other people would be at a disadvantage if they did not read your e-book or bought your product, then we will do anything and everything we can to help people see that value of our product. A great story and lesson for us all. To enter the challenge, you need to buy an e-book, which is linked from my site and many others around the web.

First prize is a trip to Jamaica. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Sheryl, great question but unfortunately one without a great answer. As usual, full of specifics I love. Thank you Dean for the tutorial-I needed it. Keep on plugging away-you are a machine! Excellent way to take the sales pitch to a new level. The goal is the sale and to get sales you have to sell The unfair offer is a selling technique that is not only enticing it is very persuading.

Great article with brilliant info for anyone even thinking of writing an e-book and hoping to sell it. Re payment — would providing bank account details for direct payment be good or is that a silly idea? I tend to avoid sales pages like these. I guess I like the soft sell more. I agree with all your other sales tips but this one makes me uncomfortable. Will I sell less with the soft sell? Nice post Dean. I think it would have been complete if it was wrapped around an actual example, or you could use what Charley was selling. This is some killer stuff Dean! As being a copywriter and biz owner myself, you really structured this well and shared some top info.

Are you guys here at Copyblogger trying to put all other similar blogs out of business? Very nice nuance Dean. So much is written on win — win that its refreshing to see someone more slanted towards the opinion of lose — win. It is great tricks when he improve the price, but offer the old price before it. As for having the customer see it as unfair to you that you have to make such an offer, it is something that makes it all sound so simple yet so effective. I will really consider doing that when am ready to launch my product.

I think there are those people that see something to good to be true as a con, but the way your portray your ideas makes sense. Thanks for this post Dean. On the other hand, I agree that having a printed copy does add value. I needed to hear this… been reading Question Based Selling as well. Thanks again! Michael: Charley sold farm equipment.

Car sales tricks: top tips

After about an hour of sharing some of the more entertaining and surprising anecdotes contained in his new book Split-Second Persuasion subtitle: The Ancient Art and New Science of Changing Minds , someone asked how, "con men, magicians, and advertisers" knew how to ply their persuasive trades even before his work was published. Dutton replied that the grifters he'd met in the course of research may not have known the names of the scientific principles they used to fleece their marks, but they had something far more valuable: good gut instinct.

Over the phone from Cambridge a few days later, he went further, admitting the book probably doesn't contain much that would surprise people in the various persuasion industries. Still, he added, "I think probably what it has managed to do is distill and crystallize the wisdom that's been floating around out there for generations. The book is a brisk read, written with an eye to the same social science audience that keeps Malcolm Gladwell's books on the bestseller lists.

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  7. That echo of Mr. Gladwell's Blink you hear in the title of Split-Second Persuasion is itself a form of persuasion. Dutton's goal is to help us see the ocean of sweet talk we're swimming in, to make it obvious that persuasion is not just something that happens when we ask the boss for a raise or Apple buys ad time to make our eyes sparkle with the promise of a shiny new toy. He dips into the animal kingdom for illuminating examples, from the deeply seductive quonking of Bell Frogs deeply seductive to female Bell Frogs, that is , to the uniquely bright web spun by the Golden Orb Weaver spider.

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    But don't start thinking human beings are far removed from those animals. Dutton notes that women find men with more masculine features Bruce Willis more attractive than those with more feminine features Leonardo DiCaprio when they're ovulating; making sure to play to both sides of the gender fence, he produces statistics indicating strippers earn better tips when they're ovulating. He points out that natural selection outfitted all of us with the essential tools big eyes, a surgically effective wail to persuade someone to care for us at birth.

    And he includes enough stories in the book of master persuaders Jesus Christ, Winston Churchill, a handful of pseudonymous psychopaths that readers will find themselves not just learning some tricks of persuasion, but aspiring to their level. Which, alas, is probably fruitless. In compiling a couple of hundred case studies of what he called in a Scientific American story "supersuasion," Mr.

    Dutton realized that both art and science are involved. Which is to say some people have a talent for it and some people don't.