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Sweet, sweet, tell me all your sweet, sweet little lies Tell me all your sweet, sweet, oh no Sweet, sweet, tell me all your sweet, sweet little lies. I love the picture in my head But I know that it's not real I leave a picture in my head 'Cause I like how it makes me feel.

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Hear the full story behind this decades-long labor of love. Zooming through time and returning to childhood with fresh eyes, using photography as a means to create a new perspective on the past. Veteran journalist and experienced mentor James Estrin presents new work from three emerging photojournalists while stressing the importance of collaboration in the digital age.

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The chasm between tradition and modernity in Iran makes for a tense, alienating social environment. This series investigates life in a city plagued by this dichotomy.

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The unfortunate outcome of this story, I feel, will be very similar to that of mine and my ex-boyfriends. When you believe the lies that you tell for long enough and the people who have been lied to believe you unequivocally, your brain believes that the lies you tell and are told are in fact, the truth.

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We now have a reality television star a place where it is encouraged to lie and manipulate for the sake of ratings as our president, lying effortlessly and getting away with it. On the flip side, it has become commonplace to hear something our president says on a daily basis and say:. Not from our president and not in everyday life. This country is playing a dangerous game with lying. Whether it be online, dating apps, reality television or the highest levels of government, we have become complacent with accepting lies as fact and not holding the people who have lied accountable for the messes they create.

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I still believe in telling the truth and I highly encourage anyone who feels the same way to continue to call the liars out until we learn as a society to accept fact as truth and fiction for exactly what it is: a big old lie. US Edition U. News U.

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