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If a person is convicted of breaking the law, there are penalties such as fines or time in prison.

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The OHSA gives everyone in the workplace duties. These duties are connected to the level of authority each person has in the workplace. To sort out all the duties in a workplace, the OHSA breaks them down to three main levels of authority:. To which of these three people do you think the OHSA gives the most duties and why?

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The right answer is A — the employer. The more authority a person has in the workplace, the more health and safety duties they have.

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  • Here are some of the things the OHSA says every employer has to do as part of their job:. Here are some of the things the OHSA says every supervisor has to do as part of their job:. Now here are some of the things the OHSA says every worker has to do as part of their job:. What should your employer and your supervisor do to make sure you are able to do it safely? The people who made the OHSA thought about that question, too. Your employer has the responsibility to make the workplace as safe as possible and to tell you about any hazards in the work you do.

    Your supervisor has the same duty.

    Does your relationship leave you confused and upset?

    They also have to make sure you know how to avoid those dangers and work safely. You have the right under the OHSA to be told about the hazards in the work you do and to be instructed on how to do your work safely. You should never have to be worried that you will get in trouble for asking questions or reporting a problem.

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    You also have a right to refuse to do unsafe work if you have reason to believe it puts you or a fellow worker in danger. We will look at this right and your protection from reprisals in more detail later. Before we move on to Step 2 of the program, here is a short quiz on the material we have just covered.

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    • You are not quite ready. But when you start feeling the pull But if you start reading it and it really calls to you, you know that it is for you, but even then you need still take it at your own pace. I was going to jump in and do that workbook right away right after I met Bill Thetford for the first time, because I was not too sure if it was a book from Jesus. I was out in California and I thought this is so California. Here is this woman from NY and she is channeling Jesus and I am supposed to believe that this book is from Jesus, and I was like, yeah, right But I was really aware that there was this other voice that needed to say, I knew it, I knew it.

      I had to go to meet—and that was how authentic I was—to go meet Bill Thetford because I would know if he was a fraud, or if he was whatever, I would know it. Unfortunately, he died a couple of years after that and I never saw him again. I actually had to go watch this man and see how peaceful he was—if he was on the level or just part of another cult, or something.

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      And he just sat there. He was like, if you have a question, I would be happy to answer it for you. He did not even want to talk and then he would be real helpful if someone asked him a question. And he was just peaceful, you could not mistake it.

      He was not selling anything he was not pushing anything. The person with the most flexibility influences the outcome of any interaction. Check out the brand new podcast series that makes learning easy with host Eric Martsolf. Cheat Sheet. Creating Well-Formed Outcomes in Your Life You can drive yourself towards want you want to achieve effectively by assessing how your life is currently, and then begin deciding where you want to go and what you want to accomplish — the key to getting there is to weigh up all the aspects surrounding your life goals before settling on them.

      What do I want? Self-initiate and maintain your goal. Am I doing this for myself or someone else? Reading the Eyes for Personal Insights Eye movements can give subtle clues about what someone is thinking, feeling, or remembering. When someone is doing this The eyes are doing this Remembering a picture Vr Move to the top left Creating a picture Vc Move to the top right Remembering a sound or conversation Ar Move horizontally to their left Imagining what a sound will sound like Ac Move horizontally to their right Having a conversation with themselves Ad Drop down and to their left Accessing emotions K Drop down and to their right N.

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      Kinaesthetic means both movement and emotional experiences. Using Your Modalities and Submodalities Everything you experience is as a result of information that you take in through your senses — visual what you see , auditory what you hear , kinaesthetic touch and feelings , olfactory smell , and gustatory taste. Think of a belief that you no longer find true. Think of a belief that, for you, is an absolute certainty.

      Remembering the NLP Presuppositions Neuro-Linguistic Programming provides some basic positive assumptions and constructive convictions about the world. The map is not the territory.