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In addition, we also need to encourage more teachers — new faculty and seasoned veterans alike — to adopt the ways of the master teacher in their classrooms. To be sure, promising graduate students and thus promising new faculty arise from the undergraduate ranks.

5 ways teachers can challenge inequality in the classroom

Smith and Jared Keeley for their insightful comments on this article. References Buskist, W. Elements of Master Teaching. Buskist Eds. McKeachie and Charles L. Brewer pp. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum. Justman, J. What Makes for a Good College Teacher? School and Society, 70, Lowman, J. Mastering the Techniques of Teaching 2nd ed. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Palmer, P. Greimel-Fuhrmann, B. McKeachie, W.

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Boston: Houghton Mifflin. Perlman, B.

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8 Things Teachers Can Do to Help Students Succeed

This column is the first published material of his sabbatical, in which he traveled the United States and Canada interviewing master teachers. This teacher has no fear of learning new teaching strategies or incorporating new technologies into lessons. There is no single solution to the question of what makes a great teacher. To those who have never taught, it is difficult to grasp how diverse and dynamic a skillset one needs to succeed in a busy, demanding classroom setting.

Courage & Renewal Programs for Educators

Consider these six qualities — and the actionable methods for putting them into practice — to shar pen and develop your own skills. The results, as you may find, can make all the difference. Justin is Prodigy's Content Marketing Lead. He's interested in EdTech, soccer, podcasts, soccer podcasts — and is inordinately proud of having made more than six thousand Wikipedia edits.

I never thought about it that way before. It makes me wonder how this could be translated when a teacher is being observed. Your email address will not be published. Loved by more than , teachers and 30 million students, Prodigy is the world's most engaging math game and platform. And it's free for everyone. Keep up with our blog's research-backed advice by signing up for your Prodigy account now! A good teacher instills confidence In the book 50 Ways to Improve Student Behavior , middle school teacher Todd Whitaker highlights low student confidence as one of the most persistent obstacles to the success of any teacher.

Teacher skills to build student confidence Make learning goal-oriented — If you set defined goals with your students — at the beginning of the school year or even of each lesson — the whole class will have a better understanding of its individual and collective accomplishments. Instill a growth mindset — According to psychologist Carol Dweck, a fixed mindset conceives of student skills as rigid and inflexible.

The growth mindset, Dweck notes, helps students become more receptive to lessons and feedback. While the details of the pedagogy can be subtle, a few common ways to instill a growth mindset include actions as simple as encouraging students to expand their answers more consistently or using success folders. Far too many teachers forget to do this — to tell and show their students they actually believe in them. Using educational technology in the classroom makes it easier to teach students of all learning backgrounds, helping teachers bring even the most timid of students out of their shells.

Curriculum-aligned math games, such as Prodigy , boost student confidence and learning outcomes. Grounding math in a fun, video-game environment that appeals to students can produce remarkable changes in learning outcomes, and even test scores. A good teacher manages the classroom effectively A teacher can be knowledgeable, prepared — and even a great communicator — but still fail simply because of an inability to deal with misbehavior in the classroom.

To cultivate a positive and orderly learning environment, establish a routine and system wherever necessary for your daily tasks and requirements — from the general to the specific. For example, if a student becomes stuck on an assignment, outline clear, teacher-approved guidelines for seeking help in a timely way e. Infographic: How to manage your classroom more effectively. Click to expand! Consider a flexible seating arrangement — Research has shown that physically adjusting the classroom environment can foster greater collaboration, communication, and interaction between students and teachers alike.

A good teacher is prepared Every day, the effective teacher comes to class prepared to teach. Dispositions — The teacher realizes that subject matter knowledge is not a fixed body of facts but is complex and ever evolving. This highlights the importance of using praise and rewards strategically — and emphasizes the significance of using feedback correctly as a teacher.

Students can sense your feelings about them, so be very careful with your own beliefs.

1. Know your subject

Regardless of your personal feelings, it is important that you work with each of your students to ensure their success. Be excited with them. Act like you want to be at work and you're happy to be there and see them. Find out what their hobbies are, take an interest in their personal lives and try to incorporate some of that into your lessons. How to succeed in your class should be easy for all students to understand. Provide students with a syllabus at the beginning of the year that explains your grading policies.

If students participate in science labs , ensure that they understand exactly how you will be grading their participation and their work. Make students check their grades frequently, or provide them with printouts so they're constantly aware of where they stand in your class.

5 ways teachers can challenge inequality in the classroom | Teacher Network | The Guardian

If they've fallen behind, meet with them and create a plan to usher them toward success. Share Flipboard Email. Melissa Kelly has a master's degree in secondary education and over eight years of experience in the classroom. She is the author of four books.

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