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Family members of patients who were admitted to the ICU for more than 48 h were included in the study. Results: The overall level of satisfaction measured as total satisfaction score, medical care score, and decision-making score were These results are comparable to other high-income and developed countries.

Conclusions: This is the very first study from the UAE demonstrating a high level of patient family satisfaction in both adult and pediatric ICUs. This study also highlighted areas where further improvement needs to occur. Parental attitudes constitute a major factor in helping to achieve successful asthma control in children. We aimed to assess parental knowledge, attitudes, and practices KAPs regarding the use of prescribed inhalers for children with asthma in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Results: Only 9. Higher levels of knowledge and practices were demonstrated among nonnationals and those with a higher level of education, and more positive attitudes were found among older parents.

Knowledge and attitudes positively correlated with the level of practice. Conclusions: Although a minority of the participants had a good level of knowledge, they tended to demonstrate positive attitudes and good practices with regard to the use of an inhaler. Overall, a much more concerted effort is required by healthcare providers in Abu Dhabi to assess parental understanding about their child's inhaler as well as educate parents about their practical use. Background: Residency is a stressful period in physicians' life.

During this period, residents are subjected to fatigue, depression, anxiety, and burnout. In , we did our first study in Abu Dhabi hospitals to investigate residents' well-being; we found that Objectives: To assess the difference between the well-being of residents in the year compared to after the implementation of interventions to SKMC residents. Methods: Following the initial cross-sectional surveys, interventions were made to improve residents' well-being.

Repeated cross-sectional surveys were done to compare between the two periods and quantify the change. The percentage of residents who exercise 1—2 times a week increased from The percentage of residents who are satisfied with their job was Conclusions: Residents' well-being and satisfaction of their work improved in our research after interventions. The percentage of those who were feeling emotionally exhausted and stressed also improved in phase 2.

Objectives: The aim of the study is to measure the percentage of patients receiving health education services regarding diagnosis, treatment, prevention, health promotion, and its relation to the satisfaction level in primary healthcare PHC centers in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

What is a hospitalist?

Patients and Methods: This is a cross-sectional study using a questionnaire targeting the population aged 18 and above who attend PHC centers in Abu Dhabi Island. A total number of participants were enrolled in this study.

Series: The Clinics: Internal Medicine

Results: About The main reasons of satisfaction included provider medical knowledge A correlation was found between patient satisfaction and the continuity of care of participants as Conclusions: Majority of the patients received health education about diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and health promotion. Most of them preferred a verbal method to be delivered by a physician.

Moreover, participants who received health education found to be more satisfied and complaint with their follow-up as well as recommend the physician to others. The main reason for dissatisfaction was the provider's poor medical knowledge and poor communication skills. Therefore, physicians may need training courses to achieve better communication skills and to improve medical knowledge delivered to patients.

Echocardiography is the main procedure for diagnosis in both acquired and congenital heart diseases CHD.

The role of nurses before, during, and after the procedure is well known since Brendon J. Management of Complex Cardiovascular Problems. Dayi Hu. David H. Osama Gaber. Living Donor Organ Transplantation. Rainer W. Jeffrey Apfelbaum. Year Book of Surgery E-Book. John I.

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